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c >> good evening i'm dan ashley. this ace special edition of abc 7 news which is also being broadcast on coffee tv 20. big
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story tonight state of the union. president obama celebrated his successes and laid out a plan for what he called an american economy built to last. >> ending iraq war allowed to us strike decisive blow against our enemy. we bet on american workers. we bet on american ingenuity and tonight the american auto industry is back. not only that last year we relied less on foreign oil than in any of the past 16 years. there let there be no doubt america is back. challenge remain. let's agree right here right now no side issues. no drama. pass the payroll tax cut without delay. this generation success is only possible because past generations felt a responsibility to each other. no one built this country on their own. this nation is great because we built it together. this nation is great because we worked as a team and as long as i'm president i intend to keep it that way.
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[applause]. >>reporter: indiana governor daniels delivered the g.o.p. rebuttal to the president speech. >> the president grand experiment in trickle down government has held back rather than fed economic recovery. he seems to sincerely believe we can build a middle class out of government jobs paid for with borrowed dollars. >> how is all that playing out here in the bay area. allen live in oakland where people gather to watch at evident and jones barbecue. pretty good crowd there i understand. >> pretty packed in here a little while ago. the president speech seemed to reinvigorate his supporters who feel like he has been bogged down by republicans throughout most of his first term. they liked his upbeat perspective and emphasis on team work to get the economy rolling. they also liked his push for industry base on cleaner energy and incentive for high tech industry. younger supporters liked his desire to strengthen the education system and give more middle class americans access to a college education.
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now despite low numbers in the president approval rating many of these democrat say they have seen the change that obama promised in the first presidential campaign. >> he brought enough change for me to know that the world awoke to. it's not business as usua usual. because business as usual is what broke this country. >> stop the grid lock. work together. we are all in this together. that is what really came across to me. >> since he has been so opposed by the republicans he hasn't taken a negative stand. and i think that's that bode well for the country. >> i i like the way he challenged call for action to the republicans to kind of work together to get the reform that we need. >> state republican party chairman rae responded tonight by saying that obama did not deliver a comprehensive plan
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for the economy. we have more on what he said tonight at 1 11:00. reporting live in oakland, abc 7 news. >> all right thanks very much. there was a sweet moment tonight state of the withdrawn when president obama met with congresswoman giffords. she got a hug and kiss from the president a long hug. when she arrived she received a standing ovation from fellow members. it was touching moment. and this is interesting. by the way lawmakers get the seats on first come first serve basis for the president state of the union address you might be surprised to know. they start arriving very early in the morning. reporters spotted house democratic el of new york and jackson lee of texas in the house chamber at 8:15 a washington time more than 12 hours before president took the podium. republican schmid staked out her seat 6 hours before the president speech. early birds virtually guarantee themselves a center aisle seat and a coveted presidential handshake and perhaps some tv
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time. moving on. san francisco mayor ed lee met with new sheriff ross to talk to him about stepping did you know while he fights charges of domestic violence. but he left the meeting saying he's not going anywhere. carolyn tyler spoke with the sheriff and had his reaction to that conversation. >>reporter: it was d-day for san francisco mayor lee. time for a heart to heart talk with embattled sheriff ross about his future. >> it's an opportunity time for the mayor. i would do this for any elected official or department head. if they are so distracted and i see that happening that i would ask them to consider making a personal position of their own. i don't want to putney more pressure on the sheriff. i think he has enough. >>reporter: but there's no doubt the mayor wants the sheriff to take a leave while he fights charges of domestic abuse. the sheriff says the meeting this afternoon in the mayor's office was cordial. did he ask you to step down. >> no. >>reporter: have you offered
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to do that? >> no. >>reporter: why do you think you can run the office effectively. >> i already am. i mean i am doing just that. at any time i'm putting in well over 40 hours a week here in the offic office. it's not a straight 8 to 5 job. i make sure that at any time that i am attending to issues that are not job relate related, i am back here. >>reporter: yesterday a judge scheduled february 24th for the trial to begin. and the mayor questions how the new sheriff can balance the legal case and duties of the department. are you going to give him a deadline. >> well, i think the deadline has been set. clearly the trial date already set and i think all the proceedings leading up to that are numerous. they seam to be. he have week there's more steps to be taken so i think that the distraction is there pretty heavily already. >>reporter: while the sheriff is revving to step aside, he is willing to macon sessions.
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>> if any point we are where i am focused where my time is in trial that i think it's only mostly clear that i would not take pay while i'm in trial, absolutely. >>reporter: the sheriff said would he recuse himself from any disciplinary cases that the sheriff would conduct. there are about half dozen of those each year. live in san francisco, at city hall, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. well still to come tonight. honoring world war ii hero. the special san francisco tribute to tuesday keyinge the special san francisco tribute to tuesday keyinge airmen back in a moment.
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>> as you well know modern airline ersland in all sorts of adverse conditions like rain fog snow but wind sometimes
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challenges pilots the most thvt you tube video has gone viral. it shows several large jets landing in cross winds at germany airport. look at this. as you can see the plane appears to be flying at a very unnerving angle while approaching the runway. this tilt allows the plane to compensate for the powerful winds. pilots are of course trained to handle cross winds like that. imagine how strange that would be to be on board that plane during such a landing. >> mean time low cross airline big expansion at oakland international airport. alegion will add flights and setting up a mini hub at oakland creating 60 new jobs. >> the staff that operates those aircraft flight attendant the pilot the crew the operation staff will all be located and housed and live here is that oakland airport officials say the new routes also bring in additional 100
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million dollars in tourism to the bay area. and now to planes from many years ago. you may have heard about a new movie called red tail. first of the first african american military aviator it's non-fiction. some men who inspire the film came to san francisco and wayne was there. >> on the subject of probably too little but never too late there were these distinguished visit norse san francisco city hall today. >> the only thing i have a problem with is that all of my good friends most of them are gone. >> you are not exactly in parade formation. >> no. no. but we could do it if you pushed us a little bit. >>reporter: for men pushing 90 even 100 years old this would be more than enough as this. >> window of opportunity to honor them is klotion as each year passes. >>reporter: they are the stuff of black and white image from a time when cultural america segregated those colors. the
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tuskegee airmen flew 15,000 mission ins world war ii. they received 900 decorations. and today at city hall for these survivors one more. >> i have a proclamation naming today january 24th, 2,000 12 tuskegee airmen today. the mayor sends his regards. >>reporter: it's probably no coincidence that a george lucas movie about the air men finally come out an deals not only with the battles in the air but also for equality on the ground. the heroism in war equalled by their stand for civil rights. >> we were the first group to challenge a major department of the u.s. government. that was in 1945. >> the main thing is that they demonstrated how racial discrimination and segregation was against black who had to fight for the right to fight for their country. >> the air men so much accomplished. so much overlooked. and now remembered
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again. at san francisco city hall, wayne, abc 7 news. what a remarkable group of men. >> oscar nominations are out. coming up here. there is definitely a local flavor in the best picture category. >> stay with us. special edition of 7 news continues in >> stay with us. special edition of 7 news continues in a
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skisz juvenile oscar nomination came out take. martin paris adventure hugo led con tender with 11 nomination. arts entertainment reporter don sanchez has all the highlights. >>reporter: my favorite film the arrest thinks 10 nominatio nominations including best actor and best director. it's about the end of the sooilt silent era in hotel wad. academy likes that.
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>> not interested in meeting your grandparents. >>reporter: george clooney and director alexander. >> things are off. people told me i'm very odd all the time. >>reporter: extremely loud incredibly close about 9/11 and and the help with the amazing performance by best actress nominee davis and spencer for sporingt actress but director taylor who put it together was shut out. hugo ladies the list with 11 nomination including one for director martin. it calls for self preservation. another academy cause. >> dripping with sexual innuendo. >>reporter: magical mid nature in paris is another personal favorite. allen picked up directing and writing nomination, too. >> biggest fear. >> baseball hit in my general direction. >>reporter: money ball. story of the oakland a baseball refuse lugs brought best actor
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nomination for brad pitt. >> anyone tell you anything you can't do. >>reporter: best director nominee for the tree of life. visual feast but confusing. >> please don't. >>reporter: steven spielberg war horse is the final best picture nominee. but other nominee glen close nominated a woman playing a man in albert knob. meryl streep her 17th nomination as margaret that that mucher in the iron lady. gary old man first nomination for brilliant portrayal as a spy and san francisco ilm. rang 0nominated feature and dark of the moon. sky walker sound chosen for war horse and girl with the dragon tattoo. she is nominated for best actress. pixar also up for the best animated short film for la line. complete list on our web site. abc 7 news. thank you john. now the
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84th annual academy awards will be handed out sunday february 26 starting at 5:30 p.m. you can watch it right here on channel 7. down load our new oscar app right now. it lets you predict the winner with friends and gives you exclusive live video from the red carpet and back stage actually during the show. we have a link to the app at 7 under see it on tv. check that out when you can. >> all right back now talk to spencer about the forecast. and i guess if you like the sun happy days are here again. >> they are indeed. happy days mild days. start with look back this afternoon at very inning sky. but we have time lapse looking from our high definition camera at emeryvill emeryville. late afternoon brought scattered dark low clouds but of course remains mainly sunny afternoon and tomorrow mainly sunny day state wide with the exception of the northern most part of the state where eureka get showers and look at conditions down south palm springs high of 80 degree degrees. los angeles also high of 80 grease tomorrow. here in
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the bay area first of a string of sunny mild day was high pressure mainly in the mid to upper 60's in the inland locations. accu-weather 7 day forecast we have high in the mid 60's all the way through the week and by the end of the week we see upper 60's to almost 70 in the mildest locations. then clouds will thicken a bit monday tuesday and there's a slight chance of rain next tuesday. we need it. we enjoy the sunshine whale here. >> thank you very much. >> on to larry and all the sports tonight. 2 different teams. 2 big del during the. >> this ace big day. significance. giants their men and raiders theirs. silver and black decides on new head coach and take him from a division black decides on new head coach and take him from a division rival. sports next.
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situation. come up tonight 7 news at 11:00. new twist in the 49er stadium dispute. opponents in santa clara want voters to decide once again on the project but the city attorney has another idea. >> plus heavy smoke showing from one story house. >> firsthand look at life death situation. moment 3 east bay
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firefighters became heroes. those stories and a lot more for you coming up on 7 news tonight at 11:00. hope you can join us for that. larry is here and this is an interesting decision the raiders made. fascinating. >> surprising choice. see how it plays ou. new head coach dennis allen will take over leaving the raiders the broncos to join the silver and black. 39 years old. surprising. year with the bronx ochlts improving defense dramatically before that with the saints. allen had second interview with new gm today in alabama at the very bowl. what he said it worked. he's the first defensive oriented coach since madden hired by dave is in 1969. raiders have yet to confirm allen hiring. contract details still have to be worked ou. now prior to allen arrival the broncos allow league worst. they jump up to 24th and 20 respectively in the category past season. sack 23-41.
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tebow main yo was huge this year. more coaching news. forty-niner special teams coach reportedly scheduled to interview with the colts. they are looking for new head coach. he's one of the best in the business of special tee. he started his coaching career with the colts back in 1989. baseball news now. tim in a giants uniform for at least the next two years pending a physical. he will reup for 4 40.5 million dollars. he asked for 21 and half million a year in arbitration. close to get that go. this deal pays the cy young winner 18 million and 22 next year and a signing bonus. when this contract expires tim will become a free agent and could be looking at offers of 25 million a year or north of. that way north of that. fielder grew up his dad playing in detroit. his turn. 3 time
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all star for milwaukee fielder signed a 9 year fwol 14 million dollar deal with the tigers. unbelievable. that is insane cash. almost 24 million per year. fielder hit -- spencer he needs smelling salts for him. 38 homer. drove in 120 runs for the pwrawrs last year. tony not done managing just yet. he retired after cardinal won the world series. but will return to skipper the national league in the all star game. tony has worked with the east bay and second retired manager to work the midsummer classic. mcgraw did it back in 1933. nhl all star game coming up this weekend. shark hit a break on positive note winning calgary on a tonight when only one goal was scored. tim gets jacked up by white. goalie dominated this game. former shark denied right there. aunt
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em. 25 save. alex. and take it off solar plexus. getting in and like it. over 8 minutes to go in this game as the save there. dan boyle puts it on that. rebound attempt. crazy bounce. pluck it out of mid-air drops it and pokes it in. this is a legal play. you can pick the thing up and drop it down and in the crease shoots it and bang it home. entertaining goal of the year for the sharks that's the difference tonight. men in teal the final. nadal and federer on collision course. they will met in the semi-finals of the australia open. not easy for nadal to get there with rod looking on. controversy in the first tie break here. back hand sails long here and there was no call. nadal waited too log. had to hit the ball he couldn't protest. so even though it was out the point awarded to bird. fires an ace opening set. don't make him mad. you
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weren't like him when angry. nadal scoop and then into the empty net there. empty court i should say. second set tie break to him. fourth set. down the line. running. forehand. wow! nadal advance advances. federer much easier time getting to the semi. thrashing former u.s. open juan martin in straight set. between the legs. that was nice and then goodbye. rarely does that work out. it looks great. great able to do it and the other guy smashes it. >> new gm new head coach new era. >> a lot of change. >> that's this edition of 7 news for all of us here i'm dan thanks so much for watching. hope to see you for 7 news at 11:00 coming up in an hour. hope to see you for 7 news at 11:00 coming up in an hour. goodbye for now

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